Friday, May 6, 2016

Water Main Improvements Completed. Sanitary Sewer Replacement to Begin

Work Completed Last Week, May 2nd to May 6th  
·         Completed water service replacements
·         Abandoned old water main piping, valves, and fire hydrants
·         Completed storm sewer services
·         Completed storm sewer installation
·         Removed remaining concrete pavement
o   Asphalt grindings and aggregate base course were installed to construct a temporary roadway.

Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, May 9th to May 13th  
·         Grove Street, at Hutchings Avenue, closed Monday May 9th
·         Water main connection at Hutchings and Grove Street, Friday, May 13th.
·         Begin sanitary sewer main line pipe and manhole replacement
·         Begin sanitary sewer service replacements to individual homes

The majority of the storm sewer mainline and service replacements are completed. The water main and service replacements are completed with the exception of the final connection at the intersection of Grove Street and Hutchings Avenue. This water shut-down is currently scheduled for Friday, May 13th to reduce the effect on the businesses in the area.

The next phase of construction will be the replacement of the existing sanitary sewer mainline piping, manholes, and services to individual homes. The contractor will being this work on Monday. Due to the location of the existing sanitary sewer in the center of the roadway, it will be very difficult traveling along the roadway during working hours, we are requesting you please have your vehicles out of your driveway by 7:00 AM each morning. The contractor should have access restored by 5:00 each evening. It is anticipating the sanitary sewer replacement will take approximately 2 weeks.

Due to the locations of the sanitary sewer, it was also determined it was best to remove the remaining concrete pavement and construct a temporary aggregate roadway during the sanitary sewer replacement and prior to the roadway reconstruction beginning. Please be assured, the Village will monitor the condition of the roadway to ensure it is as easily accessible as possible.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding as the project moves into a new phase and new inconveniences are being experienced by all residents within the construction area.

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